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1950 Episode of ''Howdy Doody'' - Visiting Clown

Published 1950

I don't know the exact date, but here's a delightful 1950 episode of "Howdy Doody". In this episode, Clarabelle finds out that another clown is coming to Doodyville, and is not amused! Includes one commercial for Ovaltine. They show an excerpt from a silent comedy film...what is the name of the film?

Run time 28 minutes 39 seconds
Production Company National Broadcasting Company
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: Noah 8-? - - April 1, 2012
Subject: Howdy Doody's BIG Mistake
We of the pre-adolescent set loved Buffalo Bob.
We loved Clarabelle.
We really liked Doodyville


We liked it better when the plot lines started on Monday and ended on Friday.

What Bob Smith did NOT (and never did) realize was that we youts did NOT share Bob Smith's enthusiasm for silent movies - however comical. 'smater-o'-fact.. couldn't stan' 'em. Awful waste o' time as far as I, my Cub Scout den, and my neighborhood were concerned.

Those silent film clips narrated by Unca Bob were the final nail in the closing door. More than anything else they drove the youts that weren't entranced by the Disney magic to any other station's weekday afternoon kiddie program.

Some schmuck retorted a while ago that maybe I just wasn't SMART enough to 'appreciate' the art of the silent film. Actually it's a matter of taste. I never liked them in the first place... even in the early 50's.

As for nostalgia - this is 1st rate. As for wonderful Kiddie program I give it 60%.